Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Abbas, Hussain

An Integrated Geo-Physical Approach for Groundwater Investigation in Northwestern Part of Pakistan

Abdul Jabbar Khan; Fida Ul Mustafa; Hamza Farooq Gabriel; Haseeb Ullah Khan; Wasi Haider; Hussain Abbas; Muhammad Shahid

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 317-330

Climate change is causing severe hydrological perturbations commonly seen as erratic precipitation patterns in many regions. North-Western region of Pakistan is also facing severe rainfall decline which has rendered groundwater exploration crucial for the sustenance of agricultural and domestic activities. The integrated geophysical method described here employs Automatic Mapping Water Detector (AMWD) to locate aquifers with relative depths and Electric Resistivity (ER) Survey for investigating the groundwater salinity. AMWD generates output in the form of potential difference curves and profile map, which were interpreted combinedly to investigate the aquifers. ER survey, using Schlumberger configuration, was carried out at the demarcated location and the resistivity values were analyzed to establish a relation with groundwater quality. The AMWD and ER surveys were conducted at four locations. The first two, with known groundwater data, served to cross-check the results obtained from AMWD and ER surveys. Once the method validated, the remaining two locations (Sadiq and Baloch points) were explored with Baloch point showing auspicious prospects for freshwater availability but with underlying layers of saline water. Thus, the method not only aids in locating freshwater aquifers but also provides critical data for sustainable groundwater management in regions prone to both saline and freshwater conditions.