Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Abbas, Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Jabbar

Skillful Thinking According To The Preference Of Cerebral Sovereignty And Its Relationship To Some Of The Basic Skills Of Tennis

Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Jabbar Abbas

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 352-359

The great scientific progress is a great fruit for scientists and specialists in the various fields of science. It is important to record the areas of physical education that require a lot of references and scientific works to observe this rapid scientific development in the fields of physical education and the sciences that are entrusted with it.This has been clearly reflected in sporting achievements Which appeared in the international and Olympic tournaments in the high level of sports players in both the collective and individual games and in the destruction of figures on a continuous basis, especially in individual games and the game of tennis ground is one of the sports that have seen remarkable development using the correct scientific application. This development was not coincidental, but was the result of the adoption of scientific methods in education and training and the dependence of the dependence on applied science and other human related such as anatomy and physiology and science and movement and education and the science of breathing and other sciences. The basic skills are one of the components of the game of tennis ground over physical fitness and play plans and psychological and educational, which improves the performance level if he without the skill of the player skills can not implement the basic plans or fully focused duties so it requires attention to the skill preparation in addition to To psychological preparationWhich is concerned with developing the thinking abilities of the players. The philosophical and educational schools were concerned with the development of thought and thinking so that the individual becomes better able to cope with the difficulties and problems that he experiences in different situations of play if the mental side plays a key role in influencing the motor performance and trying to overcome any negative failure to perform. Mahari Here comes the importance of sovereignty in the identification of the role of the mental side of the dominance of the midterm brain and its role in the manner of performance of some basic skills and whether there is an answer to the question about the type of relationship Link mental and mental side of the skill aspect of the game of tennis Either the search problem There is no doubt that intelligence as an important factor and mental ability necessary to be owned by players of different classifications be their mental behavior in the cases of different players according to the studied and planned models and not just reactions resulting from physical experience and skill only that the player must perform the duties that It is assigned through the training units to be programmed for the times of competition and with high accuracy and for the continuation of mental control, for example, thinking of appropriate motor responses to the opponent's skills within the fast and variable gameplay become a basic requirement for players in the abilities of motor compatibility And the dynamic associated with mental activity creative appropriate to the expected