Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Abdulameer, Sahira Mohammed

The Effect Of An Educational Approach On The Perception-Kinesthetic In Learning The Accuracy Of The Performance Of The Transmission And Reception Skills Of Volleyball

Sahira Mohammed Abdulameer

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 470-476

Achieving the best results is achieved by following accurate and objective scientific knowledge in a sound and planned manner in terms of behavioral responses in the sports field that are expressed through movement, as perception of movement is of great importance in neuromuscular compatibility and in basic experiences that reflect the development of the level of commands In most special skills in volleyball competition, And that basic skills are (the skills of transmission and reception) in the game requires an educational program based on sound scientific foundations, as learning the skill and the ability to perform it is a prerequisite for mastering and building a strong base in learning the basic skills of the game and that the study of the processes of perception of movement in various aspects of The vital topics that affect and are related to the performance of the level that achieves high results, from here lies the importance of the research, since the skills of the volleyball game are characterized by accuracy in the level of performance for each skill, employment and recall of all the requirements of mental processes of perception, feeling and an extremely accurate estimate of time, distance and required strength.
Research problem:
The game of volleyball is one of the sports that contains multiple complex and complex skills that require a high ability of neuromuscular harmony and in the perception and appreciation of the components and vocabulary of Kinetic performance, and despite the availability of physical properties, abilities and Kinetic capabilities of most of the students, the researcher noticed during her presence in the field. There is a weakness in the performance of basic skills, including (the skill of sending and receiving), so the researcher decided to prepare an educational program to produce the Kinetic sentence in its precise form that requires awareness of the parts of the skill to produce the best performance, where the perception of the kinesthetic stands as one of the important factors in the game for its prominent role in coordination and muscular and nervous coordination The need for it does not stop in naming it as a complementary whole, but follows it in its parts or components such as estimating time, distance and force necessary to control the movements of the level of performance.