Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : A.I., Akhmedov

Features Of Allohernioplasty For Postoperative Ventral Hernias In The On-Lay Position Under Conditions Of Infection In The Experiment

Akhmedov A.I.; Tursumetov A.A.; Zhafarov Kh.M.

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 3897-3905

In order to reduce pyoinflammatory wound complications in on-lay allohernioplasty under conditions of infection, the authors experimentally used the “Hemogubka” collagen preparation in combination with the antiseptic miramistin. It has been shown that the use of a new domestic drug, a local collagen hemostatic “Hemogubka” in combination with the antiseptic Miramistin, provides a prolonged presence of the antiseptic around the mesh and thus reduces the inflammatory process and prevents mesh rejection. The results obtained allow us to recommend the developed method to be introduced into clinical practice.