Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Ahmed, Emad Kadhom

The Effect Of Training Using Climbing Ropes And The Throat Apparatus On The Development Of The Locomotor Index And Some Kinematic Variables And The Achievement Of Stick Jumping For Juniors

Rajaa Abdulkareem Hameed; Khalid Khamees Jaber; Emad Kadhom Ahmed; Ahmed Adnan Khamees; Hussan I Hussei

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 4261-4268

The importance of researching the topic of power and the mutual actions between the body of the jumper and the stick in this activity and the nature and application of the mechanical conditions for the performance of the jump from the other side that are carried out during the performance and what it needs in terms of mastery and training, by emphasizing the workforce in the body during the performance stages, whether from the stick or The body as well as identifying the best training methods and monitoring this performance periodically to set and follow up training and develop mechanical conditions and to correct the wrong ones, to come out with the best technical performance that every player needs in order to achieve better performance.
The study aimed to prepare a group of exercises with climbing ropes, parallel and throat systems, and to know their effect on the development of the locomotor index and some kinematic variables.
The researchers used the experimental approach to suit the nature of the problem by designing one experimental group, the research sample was selected from Diyala Youth Club players for the effectiveness of stick jumping, and the research procedures included conducting photography and extracting the variables that included (starting angle, speed of departure, hips angle, approach speed) and an index was extracted Motor transport also, the application of the training program began on the research sample on Saturday 10/3/2018 for a period of 8 weeks with (3) training units per week for days (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday), i.e. a total of (24) training units, as it included The exercises using climbing ropes and the throat device, the researchers concluded that the exercises used in the climbing ropes and the throat apparatus had worked to develop the kinematic transmission index and the kinematic variables under study, which reflected the level of achievement.