Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Aleksander Sebayang, Yusar Sagara, Samuel PD Anantadjaya, Herywinoto Tj, Y. Yulia,

The Political Reality And Democracy Of Regional Business In Covid-19 Situation

Samuel PD Anantadjaya, Herywinoto Tj, Y. Yulia, Aleksander Sebayang, Yusar Sagara

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 1747-1757

Generally, democratic practices in the Southeast Sulawesi region have not carried out as expected. The broad authority to develop local democracy healthily has not been well realized. The practice of democracy through the formation of political parties, general elections, the election of leaders in the regions (regional business heads namely governors, mayors, and regents along with their representatives, including village heads), and the implementation of public policies, have not yet been able to run according to the ideal concept. Even government administrators and officials in this area have not been able to fully comply with the provisions and laws and regulations which are the basis for the implementation of democratic values ​​in Indonesia, such as the application of the principles of openness, participation, accountability, responsiveness, and partiality to the people as mandated in the Law of Local government management laws. Participatory development planning only runs normatively, symbolically, pseudo, and even manipulated. The management of regional business budgets is still according to the desire of the authorities, while the aspirations and needs of the people are still not being realized. This illustrates the absence of substantive participation from the community, the responsiveness of local government officials is still low, the pro-local people in managing resources and budgets are still lacking, and the capitalization of power in this area is still continuing.