Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : AnanthaEashwar, V.M.

A Cross Sectional Study On Knowledge And Perception Of Breast-Feeding Practices Among Women In A Rural Area Of Tamil Nadu.

D. Keerthana; M.P. Kaushika; Charumathi B; V.M. AnanthaEashwar; Ruma Dutta; Yogesh Mohan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 3412-3419

Background:Breast feeding is an essential component of maternal and child health. It has been predicted that early initiation and exclusive breast feeding are two key factors and have a protective effect against mortality and morbidity.As recommended by WHO infants, during the first six months of life, should be exclusively breastfed for optimal growth, development and good health.
Objective: To evaluate the knowledge and perception of breast-feeding practices among mothers having children in the age group of six months to three years in a selected rural area.
Methodology:A descriptive cross-sectional studywas conducted among 117 women between January to March 2019 in Mappedu,Thiruvallurdistrict, Tamil Nadu.By convenient sampling technique, 117 mothers having children between six months to three years were selected after taking informed consent.
Results:Out of the 117 women, 85.47% of them practiced exclusive breastfeeding. Out of which 83.76% were found to have awarenessabout exclusive breast feeding.87.17% of the mothers-initiated breast feeding within one hour of delivery.But around, 14.6% did not practice exclusive breast feeding and 1.7% were not having awareness about exclusive breast feeding.Exclusive breast feeding is practiced well by the mothers.The results obtained are well above the national average of 56%. It was also seen that antenatal advice on breast feeding plays an important role in sustaining appropriate breast-feeding practices.