Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Anandhan, Dr.Sruthi N.

Prevalence Of Knowledge And Importance Of Hand Washing And Its Technique Among School Children In A Semiurban Place In South India

Dr.Subramanian . V; Dr.Santosh Kumar K; Dr.Sruthi N. Anandhan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 3623-3630

Background: Developing countries have an increased burden of communicable diseases which are influenced by poor personal hygiene practices. Hand washing, especially with soap and water at all critical times has been accepted worldwide as an effective intervention to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Despite the proven effectiveness, the practice of effective hand washing is found to be poor in developing countries. This study is aimed at assessing the knowledge and practice of hand washing among school students, who are at an increased risk of communicable diseases like diarrhoeal diseases, ARI’s and other hygiene related diseases
Methods Design and Setting: An institution-based cross sectional study was carried out among 440 students in a school in South India. A validated semi-structured questionnaire containing 36 questions was used to collect the required data after getting a consent.
Place of study: Schools around Saveetha medical college hospital, a tertiary care teaching hospital in Chennai.
Results:The study was conducted among 440 students among which 255 were boys and 186 were girls. Majority of children in the population have general know the importance of hand washing in day to day life as 88.18% (n= 388). The awareness about the substance that they use for washing their hands ,the time at which they washed their hands, the reason for hand washing , the awareness about infections prevented by hand washing, the awareness about hand washing technique and the steps involved, the availability of soap or sanitizer in the school were all studied and children showed good knowledge and practice about hand washing .
Conclusions: To conclude, the knowledge regarding hand washing is good, but the practice of hand washing and hand washing with soap and water after using the toilet is poor. This study suggests that awareness about practice of hand washing is needed in children.