Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : AbdulRahman, Ahmed W

Effect Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation In Some Of The Bio-Kinetic Variables On Long Jum

Ahmed W AbdulRahman; Omar Mizher Malik; Saja Raheem Rashed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3109-3116

Sport has been one of the main axes of human life since ancient times, and in
recent years there has been a remarkable development of the development of answers and
solutions to many of the questions that appeared at the time,
This was evidenced largely by the positive gradation in the level of records, which has not
stopped to the present time and in the effectiveness The long jump that depends on speed
and strength is the efficiency of the long jump.
The jumping event requires speed in the rough run and explosive force when upgrading
and advancing in order to achieve the longest distance possible by jumping,
So the importance of research is to know the effect of the use of electric stimulation The
problem of research is the lack of real data on the amounts of the variables of the Quintet,
which leads the basis in the development of Appropriate training programs to reach the
peak of achievement and also through the researcher's knowledge of previous studies in
the long jump, found the reliance on classical training methods without using other
methods that can achieve better results
The researcher conducted the field experiment and then the post-test and obtain real data
to serve the sports field, the researchers entered the data to the census and get results to
serve achievement,
and the researchers concluded.
1- The regulated diversity of the frequency values of electric stimulation in the
development of strength for the muscles when seeking and pushing the long jump players
and electric stimulation with the exercises of the trainer developed the achievement.
The researchers recommended
1- the importance of the adoption of sessions and training electrical stimulation at
different levels of different in terms of intensity of current and the importance of the
inclusion of the trainer's exercises with the sessions of stimulation of muscle groups