Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Abd, Abdulkareem M.

Examination Of Changes In The Anatomical Characteristics Of The Fruits Of Two Cultivars Of Date Palm Fruits ( Pheonix Dactylifera L.) When Inoculated With Pollen Of Different Males

Emad A. M. Aldahab; Abdulkareem M. Abd

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2019, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 640-650

This study was conducted at one of the private orchards in Al-Rumaitha area of ​​Al-Muthanna Governorate during the two growing seasons 2019. Ten males were selected from date palms of seed origin whose pollen was used in pollination of female pollen of the two date palm cultivars Zuhdi (V1) and Sayer (V2), by three palm trees of the same age. The results of the study showed the superiority of the female Al-Sayer cultivar on the thickness of the cuticle layer and the thickness of the epidermal layer 50.17 and 72.83 µm. The M10 male excelled in the two mentioned characteristics 49.37 and 82.17 micrometers. Also, the cultivar Zuhdi was significantly superior on the thickness of the stone cells, the thickness of the outer mesocosm and the thickness of the subepidermal layer 415.99, 715.60 and 238.19 µm, it was also noted that the thickness of the tannin layer of the female Al-Sayer variety is 196.37 µm. The second interaction recorded a clear significant effect for all the studied traits.