Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Aarif, Dr Mohd


Dr.B. Nagarjuna; Dr Mohd Aarif; Dr.H. Shamina; Dr. Pravin Dnyaneshwar Sawant; Dr.Jaywant R. Bhadane; Geetha Manoharan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 8, Pages 1434-1445

As more advanced internet technologies have been available, more channels for communicating with certain demographics of people have become available. In today's world, digital marketing has evolved to the point that it is an essential component of every kind and size of organisation. The increasing significance of digital marketing has had an effect not only on the method in which businesses sell their goods and services to new customers, but also on the way in which they sell those goods and services to customers who are already in their customer base. In the travel industry, where customers have easy access to a range of information on the most current bargains and lowest price, there has been a desire for digital marketing like it has never been felt before. Digital marketing is now an incredibly essential aspect that plays a significant role in defining the amount of success that any given firm operating in the tourism industry achieves. It is possible that a number of factors, such as developments and growths in communication and transportation, developments and growths in educational standards, the advancement of a class with changed attitudes regarding lifestyle and spending habits, and increased levels of stress and strain in everyday life, are to blame for the increased proclivity that people have toward tourism.. The guidelines for marketing have been rethought completely across the board ever since the introduction of internet technology. The study aims to measure the efficacy of digital marketing on the tourism industry through the satisfaction of the stakeholders of the industry in Tamil Nadu. The study is an empirical study which has been carried out in Tamil Nadu with 100 tourism entrepreneurs. The stakeholders of the tourism industry like hotels, travels and hybrid (offering tour package with boarding, lodging and travel) are considered as sample respondents. They are selected using the convenient sampling technique.