Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Ahila E, Prem Kumar N, Senthilnathan S, Hema P, Haritheertham Gayathri, Thirumalai S,

Immediate implant with Sticky bone in spiffy zone “The Artistic way” – A Case report

Prem Kumar N, Senthilnathan S, Hema P, Haritheertham Gayathri, Thirumalai S, Ahila E

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 410-419

Background: Immediate implants have provided the opportunity to achieve better and faster functional results. PRF (Platelet rich fibrin) and Sticky bone graft possess inherent property of accelerating soft and hard tissue healing and regeneration especially in indecisive implant cases. GTR (Guided tissue regeneration) along with PRF serves as a reliable treatment modality as it promotes sustained osteogenic effect. They prevent the collapse of the socket by reducing the crestal bone loss and enhance the soft tissue aesthetics
Case Description: In this case report, a 25-year-old female patient reported with non-vital 11 and external root resorption. The mobile tooth was atraumatically extracted Flap elevation exposed fenestration defect. Immediate implant was placed in relation to 11 followed by placement of Sticky bone graft, PRF and GTR membrane in the defect space.
Conclusion: Immediate implant showcases several advantages over conventional implants. The success depends on careful case selection, diagnosis, asepsis, atraumatic extraction and preservation of labial cortical plate and good oral hygiene maintenance during follow-up period.
Clinical Significance: Successful placement of immediate implant in an aesthetic zone presenting with a fenestration defect, using platelet rich fibrin and sticky bone graft is the uniqueness of this case report