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Keywords : Consumer Behaviour

A Study On Consumer Behaviour Towards Passenger Car Segment With Reference To Andhra Pradesh

Mr.B. Srikanth; Dr.N. BinduMadhavi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 6670-6677

Study of behavior of consumers became imperative due to huge competition in all product categories. Irrespective of size of the organization and origin understanding the behavior of their target market became mandatory to create delighted customers and to succeed. The automobile sector in India today is most lucrative industry. Change in the lifestyle of Indians, increase in the income levels and some other factors like EMI facility, offers on loans became the main driving factors of sales in car segment. Further competition among the firms belonging to an industry in the market helps to the industry growth. This research would be useful for the new and existing Indiancar manufacturers to study and identify the customer expectations and their preferences from market. Indian market influenced by many national and multinational companies. This study presents analysis of research in the area of consumer behaviour in purchasing the cars and factors effecting purchase decision like brand, service, price etc.
For this study, methodology adopted was to explore the purchase decision process and its interaction with behaviour parameters. This study also attempts to present findings with reference to study of factors influencing the purchase of Passenger cars and give suggestions to accustom to the present scenario of sales and future demand for automobile car market.

Value Orientations Influence On Customer Response To Cause Related Marketing Communications

Ms. K. Grace Mani; Dr. N. Bindu Madhavi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 6718-6731

Consumerbehaviourisastudyofpeople’spreferenceswhileconsideringtheireconomicstatus, psychology, society and social anthropology. It inspects individual’s behaviour and demographics to identify their requirements. In general, consumer behaviour studies are carried out to better understand the consumer to help forecast their behavioural changes in buying decisions.
This article is an attempt to present empirical evidence gathered from consumers of the city of Hyderabad from the five South Indian states, about their value orientations and its influence on their response to cause-related marketing communication thus providing insights on socially responsible consumptionaspect.
The study identifies the key orientations as Thinking, Being, Past and Present for both; cause for education and cause for saving water. However, there is a significant low influence of Mastery and Subjugation of cause for education. Thinking is the orientation that greatly influenced upon the subjective norms of individuals.

“A Study On Customer Preferences In Life Insurance Industry In India”.

Dr. Raju. V; Dr.P. Periyasamy; Mr.Tinto tom; Dr.K. Sivasubramanian

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4511-4520

In today’s tough competition, each employer in provider quarter tries hard to satisfy
their purchaser. In Insurance sector, various new personal organizations have entered in
enterprise by means of doing the merger with foreign businesses. Every day, they are
presenting new offerings with the fundamental plan to draw the new clients & for
maintaining the present clients. In this paper, I attempted to understand the consumer
behaviour in Insurance zone. The foremost goal of this paper to perceive customer
preference regarding plans & agency, their cause of purchasing the insurance regulations,
satisfaction degree & their destiny plans for brand spanking new insurance coverage. Data
become amassed with help of established questionnaire from 200 customers of Bangalore
city. Sample became taken on the basis of convenience sampling, but handiest 192
questionnaires were used for analysis as the remaining 8 had been no longer stuffed
properly by the respondents. Percentage, frequency & Cross tabulation methods had been
used for analysis.

Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Preference of Nutrition Drinks

Shiva Shankaran. K. R.; Divakar. A. K.; Dr. Viduthalai P

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4669-4681

Celebrity endorsements have a colossal influence in altering consumer perception is the
nutrition drink sector of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. Nutrition drinks are one of the
highest advertised FMCG products with huge advertising budgets, hence accessing their
effectiveness is of paramount importance. The paper explores the extent of influence and
effectiveness of the celebrity endorsements over the audience. The survey method was
employed and hence a structured questionnaire (research tool) was administered to 450
respondents. The analysis of the obtained data was fed into the statistical package SPSS 24
and the results were further analyzed. Dominance need, exhibition need, affiliation need
and achievement need from “Henry Murray’s” personalogy theory was picked-out to be the
most effective needs for the objective of the study and hence were used as theoretical frame
work, for the research. Celebrity endorsements were found to be one of the most effective
methods when it comes to the nutrition drink category.