Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Parental Mediation

An Introduction To Massively Multi-Player Online Social Games (Mmosg) And 3d Chat Games: Understanding The Need For Parents' Critical Digital Literacy And Parental Mediation

Dr. S. Nelsonmandela; Dr. G. Balasubramania Raja

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 4560-4566

We know there are tons of online games available on the internet. However, as a parent, we forgot to know the different types of games available on the internet. Every game must require a minimum age to login.
Nevertheless, there are many strategies to go around the age verification, and children under the minimum age group started to play adult games without any concern. In that, massively multiplayer online game is unbelievably widespread among everyone in the different age group who is a frequent visitor to the internet and the social media because they are the one who searches for different excitements in their life and relationship online. A massively multiplayer online game concept is getting thousand or even more into the same server and make them play simultaneously. More MMO categories like role-playing(MMORPG), real-time strategy (MMORTS), first-person shooter MMOFPS, social game(MMOSG) are available for the users. MMOSG is mainly focusing on socialization; it differs from other gaming concepts. Imagine if everyone has a virtual life; actually, it is possible. There are a lot of virtual reality world games allows the user to have a virtual life. One can live a virtual life as an avatar, in which one can do anything; making friends with other virtual users from all parts of the world, besides the user can virtually love, dance, sex with other avatars, Parents focus only on the timing or restrict the usage of computers to play games. It shows their lack of experience in mediation. Safeguarding and educating the children from identifying the safe game or how to be safe on online games are done only through Parental Mediation. The philosophy of MMOSG now and then aspects reproaches for an atmosphere that can encourage violence against women and children, cyberbullying, and chauvinism, gaming addiction, and public humiliation.