Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Apical seal

Case Report – Restoration Of Mutilated Posterior Tooth

Dr. Arpan Jaiswal; Dr. Pradnya Nikhade; Dr. Samrudhi Khatod

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 1767-1771

Background- Goal of endodontic treatment is to completely eradicate microorganism and disinfect root canal. Due to improper chemomechanial preparation persistent infection remains which demand to be corrected and therefore re-RCT has to be performed with proper biochemomechanical preparation is done In this age of material science advancement, innovative systems and materials have been articulated for the restoration of carious teeth. These have assisted to overcome the shortcomings of the outdated methods. A clinical “case report” of re-establishing form and functionality these novel technique and materials are presented here. In the below case a re-RCT was performed where gutta percha removal of all the canal was done followed by placement of intracanal medicament followed by fibre post was used and composite was used to restore the form and function of the tooth . Case presentation- A patient reported with complaint of pain and broken tooth in upper left back region. RE-RCT was planned with tooth 26 followed by fibre post and core restoration. Retreatment files were used to remove old Gutta Percha from the canal. Calcium hydroxide intra canal medicament was used to heal the apical periodontitis. Later obturation was done followed by removal of gutta percha by peso reamer in palatal canal and to make canal wide enough for placement of fibre post and preparation of core with composite restoration was done. Conclusion-Mutilated with remaining one or two walls can be restored with the help of fibre post, Fibre post do not lead to fracture of entire tooth and thus is being used widely for restoration of mutilated teeth.