Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Sapota

Evaluation Of Different Packaging Materials On Bio-Chemical Parameters Of Sapota Fruit Under Controlled Conditions

Sudhir Partap; Rupinder Singh; Savita .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 2425-2435

The investigation was carried out in Horticulture Laboratory in school of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Sapota fruits cv. Kalipatti were harvested at physiological mature stage. After harvesting, fruits were packed in different types of packaging materials and kept at a temperature range of 10±2ºC. Packaging materials used in this investigation are LDPE (25μ), HDPE (20μ), shrink film (10μ) and cling film (15μ and 23μ). Later, the fruits were examined for the physiological loss in weight (PLW) and bio-chemical properties such as TSS, Titrable acidity, Ascorbic acid, and Sugars. The fruits were kept in controlled temperature and analyzed after 2 days storage interval. The shelf life of fruits was found to be best in the packed fruits, where they lasted for 15 days. In control i.e., without packaging the fruits survived for 9 days only. Among all the packaging materials, shrink film proved to be most effective in maintaining the superior quality of sapota fruits. The mean PLW was the least among all the treatments in Shrink film (2.43%) followed by Cling film of 15μ (2.60%). Maximum mean PLW was found in the control (22.93%). Most of the bio-chemical parameters recorded during investigation were found to be best in shrink film as compared to all other films used for the experimentation.