Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Indonesia Kuliah Online application

The Student Role Improvement In The Learning Process Through The E-Learning Model In Associate Degree Of Midwifery, Megarezky University

Sri Ramadhany; Irfan Idris; Burhanuddin Bahar; Jibril .; BesseAisma Ria; Yusring Sanusi Baso

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 4914-4931

The world of education today is rapidly and significantly developed. The development of education can be seen from the increase of diverse learning methods used in the teaching and learning process. The method applied utilises various media to improve the quality of learning outcomes influenced by technological advances, including the e-learning method. This study aimed to improvestudents' role in e-learning methods, particularly the Indonesia Kuliah Online application used inthe Midwifery Department of Megarezky University, Makassar in 2020.This research was an experimental study with a quasi-experimental design and total sampling technique. The results showed that based on statistical tests using the paired t-test, the p-value = 0.000 <a = 0.05 indicated an increase in students' role in the e-learning method. It was suggested that students could increase their knowledge of using e-learning methods in the learning process. The educational institutions should begin to implement e-learning methods in their learning process. The increase in technological advancesmakes it easier for students in the learning process without constrainingtime and distance.

Anxiety Studentstowards Closed And Open Form Assignments On Online E-Learning Medium In Associate Degree Of Midwiferymegarezky University Makassar

Amina Ahmad; Yusring Sanusi Baso; Saidah Syamsuddin; Burnahuddin Bahar; Muhammad Tamar; Jibril .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 4932-4941

Giving assignments is one method that can motivate students to learn or train students' level of discipline and psychomotor. This study aims to identify the effect of giving closed and open forms of assignments on the online medium of E-Learning on the level of anxiety experienced by students in the Associate Degree of Midwifery of Megarezky University, Makassar.
This study used a Combination Method between research and development methods (Research and Development) with the Experiment Method. About 55 respondents chosen by the sampling technique. The assignment was given twice, including pre-and post-test.At pre-test, the open and closed assignments to develop the product model assignment in the Indonesia Online College application were given to the students. In Post-test, the data collected only using the Google Forms Hars Scale questionnaire instrument. This research was conducted at the Department of Midwifery, Megarezky University, Makassar in
November 2020. The data were analyzed using statistical tests using the Mann Whitney test.
The study found that the meanvalue of open assignments was 20.93, witha minimum value of 10 and a maximum value of 39. In closed assignments, the mean value was 30.98, with the minimum value was 13 and the maximum value was 48. Based on the Mann Whitney test analysis, the results of giving closed and open onlineassignments through e-learning mediareached a probability value Asymp Sig (2-tailed) 0.000 <0.005.
There was a significant influence between giving closed and open forms of assignments on students' anxiety in E-Learning online medium, such as using the Indonesia Kuliah Online application.