Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Biological hazards

A Study On Awareness Of Occupational Safety Among Healthcare Professionals Working In Laboratory.

Ekta Sandip Chiwande; Dr. Vitthal Shinde; Dr. Vandana Gudhe

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 3508-3514

Background:Health care workers undergoes numerous numbers of occupational diseases in their day to day life. Health and safety of the health care professionals is very important aspect to reduce the risk factors. Medical diagnostic laboratories is very risky and hazardous place where numbers of accidents happens on day to day basis in which workers have contact with patients and infectious material which contains the risk of health diseases. So awareness generation is very important among the health care professionals working in laboratory so that they can protect themselves well by proper knowledge.
 To reduce the various accidents and risk associated with the chemicals during the testing of specimens.
 To asses the awareness about occupational health safety measures among the laboratory workers.
 To spread awareness among laboratory workers about safety measures which are available.
 To prevent and control the occupational diseases and accidents.
Methodology:Cross-sectional study design is used for the study. Structures Questionnaire is prepared to get the results of the study. For cross-sectional study design, healthcare professionals working in Central laboratory at AVBRH are included in the study.
Expected Result: The health care professionals working in the laboratory should increases their level of knowledge and general level of awareness to do their work productively so they can well protected by themselves at their work places.
Conclusion:The level of awareness about the health safety at the workplace is depends on the knowledge and experience of the health care workers.There is need fir the regular training on the safety guidelines which are available for the better protection of the health care workers working in the central laboratory. And also there is need for the enforcement of the universal safety measures by the health care professionals working in the central laboratory so as to reduce the risk factors, incidences and accidents that happens in the laboratory.