Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Sediment

Microplastic Levels in Sediments and Shellfish at Fish Auction (Beba) in North Galesong, Takalar Regency, Indonesia

Hidayat .; La Taha; Haderiah .; Inayah .; Rasman .; Mohammad Anugerah

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 9, Pages 2403-2414

Coastal waters are one of the places that are susceptible to pollution, because these waters are
the place where rivers disembogue and pollutants carried by river flows being deposited. Shellfish is a marine biota that settle permanently and associates in coastal areas thus it can accumulate substances contained in sediments or waters including microplastics. To
determine the microplastic content in sediments at the coastal areas of North Galesong around the auction (Beba). To find out microplastic level of abundance in shellfish at the coastal area of North Galesong around the auction (Beba). The results of this study can be a solution for
these areas to avoid pollution in coastal areas. The output of this research will be held in the
coastal auction area (Beba), Takalar Regency and will be published in the form of journals
and IPR. It is recommended that local government of Takalar Regency carry out a public health education program to broaden people's knowledge about the dangers of microplastics that have contaminated marine products and Badan Pengendalian Dampak Lingkungan (Environmental Impact Management Agency) to be more intensive in periodically monitoring the quality of coastal areas and monitoring of waste and plastic waste pollution from Fish Auction (Beba) in North Galesong, Takalar Regency.