Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : allergen-specific immunotherapy

Estimation Of The Effectiveness Of Hyposensitizing Immunotherapy By Bronchial Asthma Micro-Mite Etiology In Children Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Ilkhom R. Yuldashov; Khilola G. Nematova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4252-4263

This article presents the results of evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of
specific allergic vaccination in 77 children with allergy of micro-mite etiology. The age of
children was in the range of 7-14 years, including 7-12 years old  29 (37.7%), 12-14 years
old  48 (62.3%).In general, of the total number of patients (77) who received specific
treatment, excellent results were observed in 26 (33.7–4.2%). In this group of patients,
after treatment, all the main symptoms of the disease completely disappeared. Good results
were observed in 39 (50.6–4.4) patients. In this group of patients, most of the symptoms of
the disease disappeared or the intensity of their severity was weakened. Satisfactory results
were observed in 11.7% of patients. In this group of patients, the symptoms of the disease
remained, but the intensity of their manifestation was weakened. In 3.9% of patients, the
treatment effect was absent. It turned out that the therapeutic effectiveness of specific
therapy lasts for 1-3 years. So, good and excellent results were achieved after 1 year 
62.8%, after 2 years  55.4%, and after 3 years  50.0%. The use of a new method of
allergen-specific immunotherapy of children suffering from allergic diseases: the
combined method (inhalation of the allergen + its electrophoresis through the skin) of
immunotherapy compares favorably with the known traditional (multiple injection
methods) with great therapeutic efficiency, does not cause negative side local and general
reactions, does not give complications, lengthen remission.