Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Environmental Performance

“The Concept Of Corporate Environmental Performance (CEP) – A Review Of Literature”

Acharya Supriya Pavithran; Dr. Baby Niviya Feston; Dr. C. Nagadeepa

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4682-4697

Environmental responsibility is the reason for the survival of many species in the world.
The humans are not apart from this, as they are the ones who have to take this
responsibility to the full extent. What we learn from our mistakes, help us to evolve and
respect the decisions we make. The same applies to the firms, whose sole responsibility is
not restricted to earning profit but also to give its share of that profit towards serving the
environment. This attempt has resulted in sanctioning by the Government, the Section 135
of the Companies Act, 2013 clearly stating to set aside up to 2% of its capital investment for
Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER). While brownfield projects would be
required to earmark 0.125% to 1% of additional capital investment for CER purposes, the
slab for green-field projects ranges from 0.25% to 2% of the capital investment ([17]). This
study thus attempts to unravel the theories, variables adopted and adapted by the
researcher in their study toward environmental performance in the nature of firms’
financial performance. The previous studies have resulted in multiple relationships that
the environmental performance has with the firms’ financial performance. They had
emerged with positive, negative, mixed, or no relationship between them. The study also
gives the review on the varied relationship that exists between the corporate environmental
responsibility and corporate financial performance of the firm. This study provides an
insight on the past studies which will help to build further research with more prominent