Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : inflammatory lesions

Assessment Of Role Of Computed Tomography In Evaluation Of Pancreatic Pathologies

Amanpreet Kaur; Arvinder Singh; Harsimrat Singh Waraich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4794-4799

Background: Computerized tomography has been a revolutionary advance in the field of diagnostics. The present study was conducted to assess role of computed tomography in evaluation of pancreatic pathologies. Materials & Methods: 100 patients with pancreatic pathologies were subjected to Philips Ingenuity CT Scanner (128 slices) for the acquisition of the CT scan images. In all patients, clinical presentation and CT scan findings were recorded.
Results: Age group of 41-50 years (26 %). 21 patients presented in 51-60 years. 18 patients (18%) presented in both 21-30 years and 31-40 years age group each. 9 patients (9%) in 61-70 years age group, 3 patients (3%) in 71-80 years age group, and 2 patients (2%) in 0-10years and 11-20 years age group each. 1 patient (1%) in 81-90 age group. 1 case (1%) was of congenital abnormality (Annular pancreas), 61 cases (61%) were of inflammatory pathologies, 27 cases (27%) were of non inflammatory mass lesions (tumors), 7 cases (7%) were of trauma and 4 cases (4%) were of miscellaneous pathologies.
Conclusion: CT is highly accurate for determining the nature and extent of pancreatic lesions and plays a valuable role in assessing patients with inflammatory/non inflammatory lesions of pancreas, pancreatic trauma and pancreatic tumours.