Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : cross-sectional survey

Barriers to proper sharing of cardiovascular rehabilitation services in Egypt: cross-sectional interphysiotherapist study

Hady Atef, Ph.D., PT; Abdullah Magdy, B.Sc., PT; Said A. Mohamed; Ali Mohamed Ali Ismail, Ph.D., PT; AHMED MAMDOUH ABD AL-KADER Ph.D., PT

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 260-271

Introduction: Besides the little governmental financial support and the few scattered clinical settings of cardiovascular rehabilitation (CVR) in Egypt, there is no continuous education and/or involvement of the Egyptian physiotherapists (EPs) in the field of CVR. This cross-sectional survey aimed to determine the barriers preventing the proper implementation of EPs in the CVR program/team. Methods:Throughout 13 Egyptian cities, a soft copy of a questionnaire - developed by authors - was sent to 330 EPs who were at least in contact with cardiac patients in the different Egyptian hospitals.Results: Out of 281 respondents, 85.9 % were not familiar with the meaning and presence of an accredited CVR program from the European Society of Cardiology in Egypt, 72.9 % didn't worked before in CVR, 49.8% justified the non-engagement of EPs in CVR programs due to the disqualified and/or disvalued role of physiotherapy when compared with the medical one, and 87% recommended the need for more  education and training to be involved in the CVR team. Conclusion: Urgent institutional and organizational strategies are critically needed in the Egyptian field of physiotherapyto enhance the role of EPs in the CVR team via theoretical and practical educational programs/courses under the supervision of local and/or international experts.