Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : ankylosis


Ibragimov Sadullo Yusupovich; Urinboev Paizullo Urinboevich; Kudratova Gulsara Najmiddinovna; Saloxiy Otabek Ikromovich; Muxtorov Zokir Safarovich; Kuvatov Dilshod Xolmurodovich; Ashirov Mavlon Umurzokovich; Kayumov Rustam Shuxratovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 939-947

Relevance. At present, although significant progress has been made in the field of early detection of congenital malformations and conservative treatment, a large number of patients with this pathology remain untreated in a timely manner. In 10-15% of patients treated conservatively with congenital malformations of the thighs, the need for surgical treatment arises. Purpose of the study. It consists of studying the causes of complications observed during long periods of treatment of patients treated surgically on congenital malformations of the thighs and looking for measures to prevent them. In such cases, depending on the age of the patients and the severity of the discharge, surgical procedures are performed, ranging from simple open placement to repair and opening of the proximal part of the femur and the roof of the joint.This article presents the results of surgical treatment performed for 111 children with congenital hip dislocation. After 30 years, the long term results of the intervention were studied in 76 (68.5%) patients. According to observation, 22(28.9%) patients and 31(40.8%) patients demonstrated good and satisfactory long term results respectively. While results of surgical treatment for 23(30.3%) patients estimated as unsatisfactory. Identified the causes of unsatisfactory results and preventive measures were recommended.