Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Peri- mucositis

Evaluation of procalcitonin level in saliva and in periimplant crevicular fluid in peri- implantitis, peri- mucositis and in healthy subjects

Dr. Anjaneya Mahapatra; Dr. Ankita Priya; Dr. Surabhi Duggal; Dr. Vishvnathe Udayshankar; Dr. Sharmila Kumari; Dr. M Bhavani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 7174-7178

Background:The present study evaluated level of PCT in saliva as well as in PICF in peri -
implantitis along with healthy subjects.
Materials & Methods: 25 patients of peri-implant mucositis (group I), 25 of peri- implantitis
(group II) and 25 healthy controls (group III) were assessed for peri -implant plaque index,
probing depth, and bleeding on probing at four sites per implant was performed. The
measurement of PCT in saliva and peri- implant crevicular fluid was performed.
Results: The mean salivary flow rate was 0.61 ml/ minute in group I, 0.64 ml/ minute in
group II and 0.63 ml/ minute in group III. The mean salivary procalcitonin level was 3.12
pg/mL in group I, 18.4 pg/mL in group II and 48.5 pg/mL in group III. The mean PICF flow
rate was 0.75 μl/minute in group I, 0.93 μl/minute in group II and 1.05 μl/minute in group III.
The mean PICF procalcitonin level was 7.28 pg/mL in group I, 41.3 pg/mL in group II
and 118.6 pg/mL in group III.
Conclusion: Higher level of salivary and peri- implant crevicular fluid level of procalcitonin
in peri- implantitis and peri- mucositis patients as compared to healthy subjects.