Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Colgate advanced dentifrice

Comparative evaluation of Coenzyme Q10 dentifrice Vs. Commercially available dentifrice in treatment of gingivitis: a randomized double blinded clinical trial.

Krishna Chaitanya Patri; Gautami S Penmetsa; Mani Meghana Kommula; Bhavana P; Aishwarya M; Jaswitha V

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 1143-1149

Background: Gingivitis is the most common forms of periodontal disease seen among all age groups. It is an inflammation of gingiva without any destruction of underlying periodontal structures. Deficiency of coenzyme Q10 in the gingival tissues may lead to gingivitis. Therefore, this study was undertaken to evaluate the anti- gingivitis effect of Co enzyme Q10 as a dentifrice. Methods: Thirty patients were enrolled in the double blinded randomized controlled trial wherein 15 patients were allocated in test group and 15 patients in control group. For each patient scaling was performed and Co enzyme Q10 dentifrice given in test group and Colgate advanced dentifrice in control group and plaque index(PI), gingival index(GI) and bleeding index(BI) scores were recorded at baseline and 30 days. Results: Marked reduction of Plaque index, Gingival index, and Bleeding Index were observed after 30 days in both the groups. But, there is no statistically significant difference was observed in both the groups after 30 days. Conclusions: It can be concluded from the current study that Coenzyme Q10 has potential for reducing the gingival inflammation, when used in the form of dentifrice. No sideeffects were noted in any of the patients. Therefore, future studies are required for testing the antiplaque and anti-gingivitis efficacy of Co enzyme Q10.