Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Pre-requisites programs

Preparation of prerequisites programs for successful implementation of HACCP in local food products company

Mahmud Abdullah Jasim Alkhafaji

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 1605-1624

The HACCP system is designed to identify the risks that may affect consumer's health, whether these risks are physical, chemical, or biological. The application of the HACCP system in Iraqi food companies is recent, since it started a few years ago, there are only a few number of food companies implement it. Due to mentioned reason the present research is trying to put a highlight on this very important topic related with consumer's health, especially at the present time after the outbreak of the Covid19 in most countries worldwide, including Iraq. The research is overcoming the difficulties in front of specialists in food safety and employees in local food production companies, and trying to understand how to implement HACCP system in effective way, and given excessive details to the preparation of prerequisites programs which must be carried out before implementing the HACCP system. Four questionnaires was established for this purpose, and directed to each of: managers of food companies, employees in food handling working in national food products companies, food inspectors, and to the consumers. Questionnaires results demonstrated that, only 20% of local food companies managers having knowledge about HACCP pre-requisites programs, and only 31.2% of employees working in the national food company sector have been participated in training about HACCP and pre-requisites programs, 75% of food inspectors working in the national authority of food control have been receiving training about HACCP and pre-requisites programs, and finally only 27% of consumers are seeking food products bearing quality and safety certificate while purchasing food. The research conduct that HACCP system and their pre-requisites programs require more attention from Iraqi food control authority, and it recommended to be obligated application by all local food products companies.