Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Turnover Intention

The Influence of Nurse Satisfaction and Work Stress on Turnover Intension at Mitra Medika Hospital Medan

Youlanda Sari; Ida Yustina; Sri Eka Wahyuni

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 490-494

Nurses are one of the most important assets affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of a hospital. The high intention of nurse turnover in a hospital can weaken the structure of the nursing system and hinder the proper implementation of the nursing processes and procedures itself. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of job satisfaction and stress on nurses on turnover intention. Associative and explanatory were used in this study. All of the nurses who work in Mitra Medika Hospital Medan were participants with a total sample of 126 nurses obtained using cluster sampling and random sampling techniques. The results showed that there was an influence of job satisfaction on turnover intention (p=0.000) and there was an influence of work stress on turnover intention (p=0.000). A hospital is expected to be able to manage nurses as well as possible so that nurses can increase job satisfaction to reduce turnover intentions.

The Effect of Job Stress, Emotional Commitment, and Job Satisfaction on Child-care Center Teachers’ Turnover Intention: The Moderated Mediation Effect of Grit

Myung Hee Lee; Yeoun Kyoung Hwang; Chang Seek Lee

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 1570-1584

Because child-care teachers in Korea have heavy workloads and worse treatment than in other teaching positions, their job stress level and turnover rate are high. There is a need for research to alleviate the turnover rate of child-care teachers. Therefore, our purpose was to verify the roles of grit in the influences of job stress on turnover intention through emotional commitment and job satisfaction of Korean child-care teachers. We used SPSS Win. 25.0 and PROCESS macro for SPSS version 3.5 programs to carry out frequency analysis, reliability
analysis, correlation analysis, and moderated mediation effect analysis. First, as a result of correlation analysis, there was a statistically significant correlation between all variables. Second, the moderated mediating effect of grit on the double mediating effect of emotional commitment and job satisfaction in the link between job stress and turnover intention was verified. This results can be used as a basic model using grit to reduce child-care center teachers’ turnover intention

Career Management and Work Behavior in Malaysian Banking Sector Perspective

Muhammad Ashfaq; Fadillah ismail; Sobia Irum

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 116-132

Career management is a very important, sensitive and a key factor for both employer and employee. Because both want to grow, develop and successful in present and future as well. Along with career management turnover intention is also a point of concern for employer and employees. Turnover intention is increasing day by day in top talented employees and in organizations as well. Both the factors career management and turnover intention are always keep in the consideration of the researchers. The present study was aimed at understanding the concept of individual career management and organizational career management in the context of Malaysian banking sector. Literature supports the concept that individual career management and organizational career management are interlinked concepts and it has the linkage with the turnover intention as well. Banking sector the world over is facing the issue of employee turnover and Malaysian banking sector is no exception. Therefore, the present study is aimed at exploring to deal with this burning issue with the help of career management practices and its impact on turnover intention. Data was analyzed by using PLS-SEM. The results of the study have important implications for the banks to deal effectively with the existing problem of employee turnover. Overall the proposed model of this study shows high explanatory power in understanding the concepts of career management to reduced turnover intention in Malaysian banking sector.


Mohd Nur Humaidi Zulmi; Nikita Permatasari; Siti Saerah; Aryo Dwipo Kusumo; Windhu Purnomo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 5, Pages 691-698

Background: Employees need to be managed properly to provide a positive contribution to the progress of the organization. Purpose: To determine the relationship between Organizational Commitment, Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction and with Turnover Intention on employees at Amanah Mother and Child Hospital Probolinggo, East Java. Method: Cross-sectional study with 120 respondents medical and nursing personnel. The study was conducted using a questionnaire consisting of 15 questions. Result : Characteristics of respondents with high turnover rate were female (42%), age <= 34 years (44.2%), length of work <= 5 years (38.2%), executive position (41.8%), income < = 7,000,000 (38.3%), Satisfied at work (37.2%), high emotional intelligence (36.9%) and low organizational commitment (15.1%). There is a significant relationship between organizational commitment and turnover intention (p <0.05). Conclusion: To improve staff loyalties, the hospital should prioritize female staff, positions, and organizational commitment so that organizational treatments can be more efficient and effective.