Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : E-hailing

Online Impressions On E-Hailing Services: A Study On Positive And Negative Sentiments On Grab Malaysia And Go-Jek Indonesia On Twitter Platform

E.Y.C., Chow; H.L., Goh; Y.W., Lim; S.F., Lai; A.G.M., Tay

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 842-859

The presence of mobile-internet has led to the emergence of the e-hailing industry. As the e-hailing services usage increased, it led riders to share their opinions or discontent after indulging in the services. Therefore, in this study, online sentiments on social media (Twitter) with specific keywords mentioned, were examined to identify the rider opinions towards the e-hailing services in both Malaysia and Indonesia. Service Quality (SERVQUAL) model was used as the foundation to examine the service quality offered by the e-hailing service providers. The dimensions included were: ‘Availability’, ‘Accessibility’, ‘Information’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Safety’, and the additional dimension of ‘Price’. All the data (tweets) collected were classified into either a positive or negative sentiment, and to respective dimensions manually, by referring to keywords. The results revealed that all the dimensions show a negative trend in both countries. ‘Comfort’ and ‘Availability’ was ranked the first in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively, and the results shown were due to riders demanded an e-hailing service that is available anywhere and anytime when they need it. The study results provide a strong reference to practitioners to improve on their service quality and allowed to identify which dimensions were concerned the most by the riders in both countries.