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Keywords : Online Banking Services are accessible to all the customer who have their valid user and id allocated by


Miss. Komal T. Jangid, Miss. Santoshi R. Sharma, Miss. Vrushali P. Chaudhari, Miss. Samruddhi K. Joshi, Miss. Harsha V.Nikhade, Prof. A.V. Mahalle

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 10-16

Online Banking Services are accessible to all the customer who have their valid user and id allocated by
the bank. The System provides the different facilities like Balance enquiry, Funds transfer to another
account in same or different bank, Request for cheque book, change in address, stop payment of cheques,
viewing monthly and annual statements. Online Banking System has attractred the attentions of banks,
securities, insurance companies in developing nations sice the 1990s and the rapid and significant growth
in electronic sectors and commerce.
The main motive of the online banking system is is to provide customer with alternative that is more
responsive and less expensive also time saving.
Online banking system is the most important financial activity which is now a days mostly carried out by
any person who has an account in the bank. Not only unique id and password is allocated with that an
new UPI code system is added as a security the bank.If a wrong password is given thrice in the session,
that account gets locked and the customer is not able to use their account and an warning is pop up that
the account is locked and the same locking system goes with UPI code.
Whenever we deal with the Online banking system services the main concern of the customer is always
related to the security regarding to the banking transaction and account login activities.
The E-Banking services now deals with the single sign-in log on and it is not secured . Authentication is
now an proposed system, in this activity of linking an individual process on the basis of username and
password and basically the password is consist of characters, numbers, alphanumeric values, special
character and etc.. to make the password strong so that the attackers chould not guess the password easily
it might be difficult to remember the password but the strong password are mandatory otherwise the
software shows the message as the password is weak and it doesnot accept that weak password until we
create the strong password.