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Keywords : GSM

Consistent Observing of Fetal Pulse and UteruswithDrawls

Abhai Chaturvedi; Manish Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 145-150

Fetal monitoring during pregnancy time is the most important to save the life of the mother as well as the child. In this paper, we present a device that is used to measure the fetal heart rate during the time of pregnancy. The major component used for this detection is Fetal Digital stethoscope sensor which is to be placed on the abdomen of the pregnant and the signals are processed by the micro-controller used and the accurate fetal heart rate is identified and sent as a text message to the respective mobile phone through the usage of GSM module and also by the usage of EMG sensor the uterus contraction also be simulated as the output on the desktop. This system is very flexible and low cost helps the patient to monitor the fetal heart rate in home

Boat Localisation And Warning System for Border Identification

SP Vijaya Vardan Reddy; Keerthana Ram. K; Nivedita Maradugu; Ramya Sree. B; Y. Deepika

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 2307-2317

This paper comes up with the boat localisation based on the RSSI(Received signal strength indication) technology .This paper focuses on the boat localisation that is finding the location of the boat irrespective of the climatic conditions and border identification that is guiding the boat about the border and making the boat not to cross the border by turning off the engine .The proposed system comprise of Arduino MEGA, RSSI zigbee, DC motor and the monitoring will be done by the PC in the control room This system gives three kind of alerts to the fisherman in the boat .The first alert will be given in the form of message .The second alert is if the distance between the fisherman and the border does not decrease despite of the alert message then the APR voice will alert the person that there is a border at a certain distance ahead .The third alert will be in the form of action that is the boat engine will be turned off so that he cannot cross the border.

Automatic Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things

Dr. A. Devipriya; Dr.P. Thangaraj; Dr.A. Kousalya; Ms.M. SalomiSamsudeen; Ms.Geetha S.K

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 5511-5519

Various people among us lose their life to heart attack. At present in India, the coronary episode passing rate is 34%. This is an aftereffect of their eating routine, age, less actual development and various parts. The primary driver of death during respiratory failure isn't giving prompt assistance to the patient. By constantly observing the beat rate and sweat of a patient, respiratory failure can be distinguished. The goal of this suggestion is to build up a high-profitability and minimal effort contraption which gauges the quantity of heart thumps every moment of the patient and recognizing the heart attack by putting sensors on any of the fingers (with the exception of thumb because of nonappearance of hairlike tissues) or at any spot on the body that the beat can be assessed from, and subsequently indicating the result on the chronic screen of the Arduino IDE. To build the precision of the framework, a dampness sensor is utilized to distinguish sweat cold. In the event that any irregularities happen, the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) module is actuated and it sends an alarm message to the versatile numbers which are as of now gave in the Arduino code. Utilizing the Google Maps API the closest clinic to the patient is found and the subtleties are shared to the closest rescue vehicle and relatives. The Electronic Health Records (EHR) is shared to the particular medical clinic before the appearance of the patient. The structure performs exact distinguishing proof and hint of messages to the unmistakable supervisors of the patients. Various lives may be saved in the short length by using this made structure.

Performance of Automatic Smart Irrigation System Using GSM

G Ahmed Zeeshan; Dr. R Sundaraguru; Dr.P. Vijayakarthick; Akula Mahesh Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2343-2351

Agribusiness recognizes an indispensable activity in making countries. In India, a colossal piece of masses relies upon nation's unforeseen turn of events. In like way the paper goes for affecting improvement business to mind blowing utilizing computerization and Global new turn of events. The proposed article illustrates the design and implementation of smart irrigation system with auto control and monitoring. In this proposed system we integrate the temperature, humidity, soil moisture sensors to monitor the agriculture parameters and monitor on LCD and send alerts. Depends on soil moisture sensor status irrigation pump ON/OFF automatically and send the alerts to authorized person and control the irrigation pump remotely for designing of smarter irrigation system.