Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Industry 4.0

Exploring Character Education Management-Islamic Based in Industrial Era 4.0 for Vocational Student at Jepara Regency

Ade Sopiali; Purwanto .; Giyoto .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 29-38

This study aims to explain; (1) Definition of Character Education Strengthening (CES); (2) Character in Islamic perspective; and (3) Industrial Era 4.0. Methode application by descriptive Qualitative. This study aim was Student SMK Al Husain Jepara. Instrument Strengthening the data by observation, Q Islamic, interview, DocumenIndustriale results showed that in Islam, the best character was possessed by the role model of the ummah, namely the Prophet Muhammad SAW, with 4 commendable traits namely Amanah, Siddiq, Fatonah, and Tablig. In this study, Jepara Al Husain Keling Vocational School was chosen as the research sample. This is based on the achievement of CEM implementation of 74.44%. The average character score in CEM has reached 2.37. Data from the results of research on CEM implementation from Al Husain Keling Vocational School in Jepara shows that in terms of scores, 18 characters in CEM are considered quite good. However, some character values that still need to be improved include honesty with an average score of 1.36, creating characters with an average score of 2.01 and hard work characters with an average score of 2.04. These three characters can be the main evaluation materials in strengthening character education in Vocational School SMK Al Husain Jepara