Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Agriculture Extension

Farm science centers are the mechanism to communicate of agriculture information and technology to farmers in Andhra Pradesh state

Khader Basha Shaik; Dr. A. Srikanth

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 844-849

Indian country’s Indian economy depends on agriculture. Nearly 70% of the people live on agriculture and allied sectors. The agriculture is the main source of farmer’s income. The farmers are the back bone of the country as well as the agriculture. The research objectives are to evaluate the role of Farm Science Centres (KVKs) in agri sector, to examine what are the services are provided to agri farmers related fields of agriculture and allied sectors, to examine non awareness on agriculture information and technologies may be leads to farmer’s suicides? or not and to evaluate the performance of 2 selected Krishi Vignan Kendras (Farm Science Centres)and Is it FSCs impacts on farmers awareness and perception towards to communicate of agriculture information and technologies in A.P ? This research follows primary and secondary data of methodology for evaluating the performance of 2 selected KVK’s in A.P. This paper uses SPSS for data analysis. After do the analysis of data the report shows that in selected two area (Garikapadu (Krishana Dist) & Darsi (Prakasam dist) farmers are no pleased by KVKs offered facilities. yet, the selected two kvk area agriculture farmers are not impacted related to disseminate of agriculture information and technologies. Overall, this research paper explains the performance of FSCs in choosing 2 areas in AP is well happy and agri farmers are good opinion towards Farm Science Centers (FSC) functionalities. Further this study explains to the audience of farmers not getting of awareness on agriculture information and technologies it may be leads to farmers’ suicides.