Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Lisfranc injury

Approach to Multiple Injuries of Foot and Ankle (Single stage procedure for lisfranc injury, pan metatarsal fractures with distal tibia fracture and medial malleolus fracture): A rare case report

Dr.K.Vijaya shankar, Dr.A.Senthilnathan, Dr.R.Prabhakar, Dr.M.Chakravarthi .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 96-101


Outlines the necessity of early diagnosing and management of lisfranc injury and metatarsal fracture to avoid chronic instability.
Advantages of plate fixation for (proximal) fifth metatarsal fracture in addition to k-wire.
To assessing the functional outcome and duration of union using MIPPO technique in the management of distal third tibia fracture.

Materials and Methods:
Case Report: We report a case of 32 year old man presenting with multiple injuries to foot and ankle diagnosed as comminuted distal third tibia fracture (with medial malleolus fracture) with panmetatarsal fracture with lifranc dislocation of right lower limb. A single stage procedure done for fixation of all these injuries.
Result; The patient follow up for one year, mean duration union of all fractures noted radiologically by 11±2 weeks. Patient allowed to weight bear after 3 months, Functional range of motion improved from the end of 3 months to 8 months. Prospective functional evaluation of this patient assessed by American orthopaedic foot and ankle society score (AOFAS) 96/100 at the end of 6 months and Pain relief is evaluated periodically by visual analogue scale.
Conclusion: Best results are obtained by immediate anatomical reduction and fixation of lisfranc injuries. In addition to k-wire, plate fixation for fifth metatarsal provides alignment with high union rate, especially when the fracture is comminuted. MIPPO technique is reliable fixation in fracture of distal tibia preserving most osseous (periosteal) blood supply and haematoma  in fracture site and in turn provides  more biological repair.