Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : catheter techniques

Caudal block in pediatric patients: Clinical profile

Dr. Harini Jalapati, Dr. Thapi Srija, Dr. Prasanth Kumar Reddy C, Dr. Ajay BC, Dr. Hulakund SY, Dr. Vanishree Alwandikar, Dr. Malladihalli Kiran Ashok Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 133-138

Caudal block can be performed as a single shot caudal or a continuous caudal using catheter
techniques. Single shot caudal blocks are used for ambulatory and minor procedures while continuous
catheter techniques are used for in-patients undergoing more extensive procedures. This study included
72 children, of both genders, coming for various elective infra-umbilical surgical procedures such as
herniotomy, orchidopexy, circumcision etc. Ethical clearance from institutional ethical committee was
obtained. Informed consent was obtained from the parents before including the children in the study. In
group A, the mean baseline heart rate was 122.67±9.08 per min which decreased to112.97±8.70 at 5
mins. The heart rate gradually decreased to 93.03±5.33 per min at 30 mins and 90.43±5.80 at 60 mins.
The mean baseline heart rate in group Bwas 121.92±8.52 per min which decreased to 112.19±9.79 at 5
mins and gradually decreased to 90.17±6.96 at 30 mins and 90.82±5.53 at 60 mins. However, there was
no significant difference in the heart rate between the two groups at any time interval.