Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Gartland type III

To Assess Prevalence of Supracondylar Fractures of Humerus Among Patients Visited to Tertiary Care Hospital

Vijay Sharma,Shakti Condil Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 172-175

Background: Supracondylar fractures of the humerus are the most common elbow
fractures in children and adolescents accounting for 50-70% of all elbow fractures.
Supracondylar fractures may result in significant neurovascular compromise. The
present study was conducted to assess the prevalence of supracondylar fractures of
humerus among the patients who visited to tertiary care hospital.
Materials and Methods: The present retrospective study was conducted among 110
cases of supracondylar fractures reported to the department of both genders. General
information such as name, age, gender etc. was recorded. In all patients, the reason of
fracture and type were recorded. Data was collected and the data were analysed in
SPSS version 22 for windows. P value less than 0.05 was considered statistically
Results: In the present study out of 110 patients, 59.09% were males and 40.90% were
females. Gartland type II was seen in 28 males and 18 females and Gartland type III in
37 males and 27 females. The common reason for fractures was roadside accidents seen
in 47.27%, domestic violence in 35.45% and fall in 17.27%.
Conclusion:The present study concluded that supracondylar fractures of humerus were
more common in males than in females. The common reason for fractures was roadside