Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Keloid scarring

Role of Single Dose Intradermal Triamcinolone Infiltration in Preventing Hypertrophic and Keloid Scarring at Skin Grafting Donor Site

Arra Priyanka, Hari Kumar Vallapureddy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 2770-2776

Background: "Hypertrophic scars" are excessive scars with thick fibrous tissue that
does not extend beyond the margins of the initial wound or incision. They're usually
broader than they need to be for regular wound healing. Following excision,
intraoperative and postoperative intralesional steroid treatment has been proven to
minimise recurrence to less than 50%.
Materials and Methods: This is a prospective and single centre study conducted in the
Department of General Surgery, Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital from 1st
September 2020 to 4th September 2021. Males and females in the age group between 18
and 60 years were included in this study. The split thickness skin graft was harvested
from a normal thigh where no skin graft had been harvested earlier. Indications for
skin grafting were both elective and emergency.
Results: In our study, male was predominant 72.5% and remaining was 27.5%. Among
the study group, 67.5% were post burn contracture raw areas, 30% posttraumatic raw
areas and 3% post infective raw areas. Among 40 donor site steroid injection sites 9 are
hyperpigmented (dark), 9 are hypo pigmented and 20 are similar in colour with
surrounding skin compared to 20 (hyper), 13 (hypo), 7 (iso) respectively at donor site
control areas. Mean value of normal skin thickness is 1.70, test site skin thickness is 2.30
and at control site skin thickness is 2.70. In our study57.5% cases have mild pain at test
site, 42.5% cases have no pain at test site and 45% have moderate pain at control site in
the post-operative period.
Conclusion: Reduced scar diameters, height, scar texture, colour match, and
symptomatic relief were found in our investigation, with little dose-related druginduced
adverse effects. With regard to pigmentation and thickness, employing post
operational intra lesional triamcinolone acetate injection after harvesting skin grafting
resulted in a superior cosmetic and symptomatic outcome in skin grafting donor