Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Zigbee


S. Ranjana; R. Manimegala; K. Priya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 9, Pages 1523-1529
DOI: 10.31838/ejmcm.07.09.164

Nowadays, to monitor or run the machines, there is little need for active human interaction, it is being automated.Some devices can be remotely controlled with the available technologies. Runways at airports to analyze, to analyze the animals in the zoo, amazing image of capturing videos, capture videos and cover the whole stage, an industry monitoring of the environment, waste and the removal of this technology is very useful, because it's the Earth Hangs from above. This robot would significantly reduce the costs of inspection and repair that the ground or aircraft crews now have to bear, particularly in remote areas, but with this technology, it is becoming smaller and cheaper."Alternatively, the robot has DC motors and a portable camera with sophisticated image processing to record videos. The primary goal of this project is to simplify the industrial security deployment data collection and control system. Industries operate in a systematic manner. Maintaining & monitoring the record of each process is quite difficult. To acquire and control an industry’s environmental values such gas, temperature, and light density automatically with a movable hanging device using cables, (i.e.) Hanging Robot. It contains the required sensors like gas, fire, light and etc., in it. The Controlling unit is designed using Matlab or Lab View and it is designed in such a way that is able to control the hanging robot from a remote location.The received data from the sensors in the personal computer can be graphically represented in real time.

Agro based crop and fertilizer recommendation system using machine learning

Preethi G; Rathi Priya; Sanjula S M; Lalitha S D; Vijaya Bindhu B

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 2043-2051

Over one third of world are employed in agriculture and the quantity is gradually falling because the financial losses of the farmers. One of the causes behind this momentary loss is the shortage for era in agriculture. Continuous cropping and over use of fertilizers cause the decline in soil productiveness and impact the environment as well The paper explains how the amount of soil vitamins and environmental factors followed by the pointers for cropping and special fertilization of the site can be established. 1 The selection of the best crop for the soil and the sowing of it to provide the full yield is one of the key problems in agriculture. The proposed method takes the soil and PH samples as the input and helps to predict the crops that can be recommended suitable for the soil and fertilizer that can be used as the solution in the form of the webpage.So, the soil information is collected through sensors an the data transmitted from the Arduino through Zigbee and WSN ( Wireless Sensor Network) to MATLAB and analyzing the soil data and processing is done with help of ANN (Artificial Neural Network) and crop recommendations is done using SVM ( Support Vector Machine ) .

Design Of Sign Language Interpreter For Specially Challenged Community

Dr. Manjunatha K N; Dr. Raghu N

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 478-485

A special type of language is used in deaf community across the globe a form of non-verbal sign language. The language interpretation is very difficult because of not derived from the common source of origin. The conversion of hand gesture into auditory speech uses a device called Deaf-Mute language interpreter. Hand movement with particular shape and angle is considered as a sign language. In the meantime, gesture also adds the facial expression. Sign is the static shape or position of the hand to indicate communication. This work focus to provide a glove based smart system to translate deaf-mute communication. The objective is to develop a smart glove that can able to interpret 10 characters from the American Sign Language (ASL).The smart glove is designed in such a way that, LDR sensors are attached to fingers to gather the position of the finger to identify the characters. The design uses MSP430 microcontroller to meet the low power constraints for portable smart glove. The translated character is sent to computer through ZigBee wireless protocol and then pronounces the letter through the text to voice module. The whole translation mechanism takes minimum time to read the finger position and to produce a voice message.