Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : ADXL335 Accelerometer Sensor

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot

A.Jaya Lakshmi; Omprakash Siripolu; Divya Mudireddy; Anand Surya; Pavan Kumar Pathepur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 2371-2375

Recently, vigorous attempts have been accomplished to expand brilliant and essential attachments amongend users and computer-established scheme built on human gestures. Gestures bringan automatic attachment to the two human and computer. So, like gesture-based attachments cannot alone alternate the common interface devices, but can also be employed to prolong their functionality. In this paper, a hand gesture-controlled car is designed with the help of Arduino. The movementsof the hand is used to control the car rather than employing a remote along with buttons or video game joystick. This paper is based on wireless transmission, position of the bits taken by the hand movements given through the car by RF wireless connection.