Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Aneuploidy

Study of Nuchal Translucency (NT) at 11-13+6 Weeks of Gestation as a Screening Tool to Identify Fetal Abnormalities

Nilofer, Sunitha Ch, Medabalini Haritha, K.S.S. Bhavana .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 3150-3159

Background: The accuracy of diagnosis reported in multiple large series has pushed both screening and diagnostic testing for chromosomal disorders to the window now refe (nuchal translucency scan).11-13+6 weeks scan shows normal foetal anatomy and identifies severe structural problems. Early detection of these problems allows for safer and easier pregnancy termination. Tests include chorionic villous sampling and amniocentesis carry a 1% foetal loss risk. So non- invasive screening tests are required.first trimester screening is a new non-invasive technique that combines maternal blood screening and foetal screening to discover chromosomal abnormalities (including trisomy 21).Because there are few studies in this field, the current study aims to investigate the utility of high resolution ultrasound as a screening test for aneuploidy risk in late first trimester foetuses. Objectives :1. Assess the utility of ultrasound as a screening tool for foetal first trimester aneuploidies.2. Ultrasound to identify aneuploidy- prone foetuses.3. To establish the use of ultrasonography in regular first trimester screening.
Materials and Methods: This research performed at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital and Research Centre studied 220 pregnant ladies. Present study investigated increased nuchal translucency and foetal abnormalities.
Results: Present investigation found that foetal nuchal translucency increased with abnormalities. This study has shown that foetal nuchal translucency can be used to test for chromosomal abnormalities, heart problems, and morphological malformations at 11-13+6 weeks gestation. The earlier the foetal anomalies are detected, the more acceptable and less traumatic the pregnancy is for the expectant moms.