Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : osteitis condensans illi

A study for characterization of MRI findings in patients with nontraumatic hip pain

Dr. Poonam Ohri, Dr. Jaspal Singh, Dr. Gagandeep Sharma, Dr. Manasi Kohli

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 4837-4849

Introduction: A study for characterization of MRI findings in patients with nontraumatic
hip pain.
Aims and objectives: To characterize the MRI findings of underlying pathologies in
patients with non-traumatic hip pain and give radiological diagnosis which will help in
the management of patients.
Materials and methods: 50 cases referred to the Department of Radiodiagnosis and
Imaging, Government Medical College, Amritsar with hip pain were evaluated and
statistically analyzed.
Results: Out of the 50 patients, pathology was seen in 45 patients (90%) and while 5
patients (10%) were found to be normal on MRI. The most common pathology detected
was avascular necrosis seen in 23 patients (46%), followed by 12 patients of infective
arthritis patients (24%), 3 patients of perthes disease (6%), 2 patients of bone tumor
(metastasis) (4%), 2 patients of osteitis condensans illi (4%), 2 patients of stress fracture
(4%) and 1 patient of tendinitis 1 (2%).
Conclusions: MRI was helpful in diagnosing various abnormalities. Various bone signal
abnormalities as well as excellent soft tissue contrast aided in making timely diagnosis
and management. The role of MRI in detection of various abnormalities was also
statistically significant (as compared to plain radiographs which was additionally done)
and had more sensitivity and specificity.