Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Anatomical repair

Clinical Profile and Management of Incisional Hernia in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital

Hareesha J, Madhulika P.S, Ashok Vardhan Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 6072-6084

Background:The present study is a Clinical Profile and Management of Incisional
Hernia in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital done at Kamineni Institute of Medical
Sciences, Narketpally, from October 2015 to September 2017.
Materials and Methods: Forty cases of incisional hernia which were admitted in
Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences were studied. The statistical data and analysis of
the cases studied during this period are presented in this study.
Results: It is more common in females than in males with a ratio of 4.71:1. Incidence of
incisional hernia was highest in the age group ranging from 40- 60 years. Most of the
patients presented with swelling (82.5%) and swelling with pain (12.5%). Incisional
hernia was more common in patients with previous history of gynecological operations
(52.5%). The incisional hernia was more common in the infra-umbilical region (52.5%).
In majority of patients (95%) the incisional hernia occurred within 3 years of previous
operation. The size of the hernial defect less than 40sq.cms was found in 22 patients
(55%).33 patients (70%) underwent mesh repair (30 Onlay and 3 sublay repairs), which
had good outcome and minimal post operative complications whwn compared to
anatomical repair. Post-operative complications included wound infection in 5 patients
(12.5%) followed by seroma in 3 patients (7.5%) and no complications in 31 patients.
There was only one recurrence constituting for 2.5% of total forty cases reported, and
there was zero mortality in the study.
Conclusion: Wound infection following previous surgery was the most important risk
factor associated with incisional hernia. The other risk factors were obesity and COPD.
Polypropylene mesh repair is superior to anatomical repair as it has less recurrence.