Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Plaque-induced gingivitis


Iuliana Gheorghe, Miloni Avaiya, Jasjit Kaur Sahota

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 9766-9773

Background:Recent studies and literature regarding the use of “oil pulling” therapy especially using
virgin coconut oil have resulted in reduction of plaque-induced gingivitis. There are still a few evidences
in literature of studies regarding the properties of coconut oil in relation to the oral cavity.Hence, the
present study was conducted to assess the effect of coconut oil on plaque formation and plaque-induced
Materials and method:45 Mild to moderate cases of plaque-induced gingivitis aged between 18-35 years
were enrolled in the study. Gingival Index and Modified Plaque Index were used for clinical assessment.
All the subjects after that were advised to take 10 ml of edible coconut oil and were instructed to follow
this procedure of oil pulling for 5 minutes after brushing the teeth, preferably in the morning on empty
stomach for 30 consecutive days. The parameters were recorded at baseline, 7th day, 15th day and 30th
day, for which the patients were recalled at these days for reevaluation of parameters used for assessment.
Results:The results of this study showed that out of 45 patients, 27(60%) were females and the remaining
18 (40%) were males. On statistical analysis, statistically significant difference was found Gingival Index
in the mean values Baseline and 7th day (p=0.000), Baseline and15th day (p=0.000), and Baseline and 30th
day (p=0.000).A statistically significant difference was found in the Plaque Index mean values Baseline
and 7th day (p=0.000), Baseline and 15th day (p=0.000), and Baseline and 30th day (p=0.000). A
statistically significant results in mean Plaque index was also observed between day 7 and 15 (p=0.000),
and day 15 and day 30. (p=0.000)
Conclusion: From day 7 and on a continuous decrease in the indexes was reported and they were
significantly reduced after 30 days of treatment. The results obtained from our study were significant,
relevant, and promising; however, to be more statistically significant outcome, more studies are required
to fully understand the mechanism of action of coconut oil.