Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Doctor Appointment

Medical History Management

Mrs A Swathi, P Ganesh Yadav, P Bangaru Ganesh, Sk Ajay, B Srikanth, N Charan Teja A

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 10739-10747

This application can be used to store our past medical records so that we can use it in future. In this application we can save our past health problems, which medication we used, which treatment we got, who treated us, cost, bills, scans, statements that both patients and doctors were given for our disease etc. So that we won’t be able to forget anything in future. Now a days doctors are asking their patients that he had any medical History in the past so that they can continue their treatment at present based on their past medical records. Life has become too hard in order to get appointment in case of any medical issue or normal routine checkup. the main aim of this site is to make easy and comfortable for the patient who are taking appointment of a doctor in nearby location and to resolve various problem that a patient had to face while taking an appointment. The website act as a database containing doctor details, patients detail, and appointment details are maintained by server and this website also has future of finding doctor near you using GPS and location sensing. In this paper we will discuss a video appointment solution using web technologies. The solution proposed is taking advantage of the web technologies to handle the doctor appointment. If the doctor and patient decides, they can have a video consult instead of a normal visit at the physician office. The appointments are made based on on time slots interval available in a day. These time slots are defined by the physician or by a delegated person. Video appointments are made inside a web browser; no additional software is required. Direct shifts of a new start-up need an android application or web application to overcome their connectivity issues among their customers. This start-up faces difficulties in connecting the patients, doctors, and hospitals. To overcome this problem this start-up requests a project which connects patients, doctors, and hospitals. So to fix their connectivity issues this research work presents a mobile application.