Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Retrograde DJ stenting

Transurethral resection and retrograde ureteral stenting in obstructive uropathy secondary to Carcinoma Cervix-Palliative Rescue from an otherwise doomed existence

Ravikumar Banavase Ramesh, Tejas Chiranjeevi, Manjunath V, Shalini Anand, Amruthraj G Gowda, Madappa KM

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 512-525

Aims and objectives : 1.To determine the impact on quality of life post trans-urethral resection
of ureteric orifice and retrograde DJ stenting in patients with obstructive uropathy secondary to
carcinoma cervix.
2. To compare the outcomes and quality of life of patients who underwent resection and DJ
stenting with patients who underwent PCN insertion using the available literature about PCN.
Materials and methods:- In this study, 40 patients were selected for palliative urinary diversion
by transurethral resection of ureteric orifice and internal drainage using DJ
uropathysecondarytorecurrenceofcarcinomacervix,20%presentedasprimarytumour and 2.5%
presented as VUJ stricture post radiotherapy. 90% had bilateral involvement of the ureteric
orifice and only 10% had unilateral involvement.
Results:- Themeancreatininevalueamong40patientswas4.12mg/dlbeforetransurethralresection
7.5% underwent unilateral DJ stenting. Complete renal recovery was seen in 2 weeks with
creatinine values<1.5mg/d in 72.5%whereasinrestofthe27.5%patients mean creatinine was<
procedure was able to show better quality of life with respect to physical and mental functioning
in patients with obstructive uropathy secondary to carcinoma cervix. Also the renal recovery
wasgood and comparable to PCN.