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Keywords : Antenatal

Antenatal and Post-Natal Risks and Associated Outcomes with of Booked and Unbooked Cases of Pregnant Women at a Tertiary Care Hospital – A Prospective Observational Study

Dr. Manjari Jain, Dr. Rajesh Tikkas, Dr. Neeraj Kumar Jain, Dr. Nilima Tikkas

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 1057-1064

Journey of a human begins when there is a successful meet of a healthy sperm and an egg during fertile period. It is well-thought-out to be a distinction of new joyful foundation for the married couple. Ongoing with the antenatal days for a budding fetus certain changes do occur in mothers’ body also in anticipation of new incoming child. These changes would but obviously need medical help to land up in an effortless and well deserved post-natal period.Hence study was undertaken to observe complications in antenatal and post-natal period of booked and unbooked cases of pregnant women coming to our hospital. We had also observed complications during this period in both the groups which may benefit to build further strategies of health care sector for making a healthier mother-children society of our country.
Material methods: All the patients who were getting admitted during their labour were finally considered for the collection of data. Primarily subjects were provided with informed and written consent to participate in the study after that patient’s demography data was recorded to make the final observations. While recording data primarily age, height and weight of the patients were recorded amongst booked (496) and unbooked (508) categories. Then starting with history of present illness obstetrical history, gestational age, mode of delivery, complication during and after pregnancy, and perinatal complications was recorded.
Conclusion: we conclude that there are many factors which determine the pregnancy outcome and many of them are rectifiable which will help in evading so many maternal deaths. By providing the standard maternity and child care services much can be done for betterment of pregnant women. By considering differential data amongst booked and unbooked pregnant women for complications in antenatal and post-natal period of pregnant mother for many years is evident that morbidity and mortality can be reduce my adequate antenatal care facilities to these future mothers. Reference centers should be developed close to the homes with better equipped clinical facilities, proper instrumentation and trained staff which will benefit the outcome of pregnant women to make a healthier future of our Nation

Clinical profile and prognosis of prenatal and postnatal women who presented with seizures in a central India tertiary care hospital

Dr. Sarika Rawat, Dr. Avinash Balraj, Dr. Pooja Jain, Dr Roshan Mandloi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 6, Pages 1110-1114

Background: Convulsions during pregnancy is major cause of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. the various causes of seizures during pregnancy include anti-phospholipid syndrome, eclampsia, cerebral vein thrombosis(CVT), thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, cerebral infarction, drug and alcohol withdrawal, and hypoglycaemia
Objective: To record and analyze continuous and category variables of antenatal and postnatal patients presenting with seizures.
Materials and Methods: Methodology- the present study conducted in the tertiary care hospital total 270 patient presented with seizure and patient/relative were ready to give consent were included in the study. Study Design: - observational Cross-sectional study.
Result- 65% of the participant were belong to age group of 20-25 years the mean age the mean age of participant with 90 % CI was 23.4667 ±0.7 (±2.98%).64.4% cases were primigravida,and 35.6% were multigravida. morbidity seen in most of cases out of all participant 59.25% were become morbid ,40(29.6%) were remain uncomplicated and 11.11%were died. The mortality rate were observed in our study is 11.11%.Fetal outcome at time of birth the out of all delivery 222 were live birth while 48 were IUD/still birth.
Conclusion- Seizure is serious threat to the maternal and fetal/neonatal health and major contributor of maternal mortality and neonatal mortality.prompt diagnosis and treatment required for it.