Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : hilum

Morphological variations of the lungs: A study conducted on Indian cadavers

Dr. Manisha Kumari

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 6, Pages 2039-2044

Introduction: Awareness of anatomical variations in lungs is essential during segmental or lobar resections of lungs. The knowledge of variations in the lobar and hilar anatomy of the lung presented in this study is clinically important while interpreting the radiological images and performing surgical procedures.
Methodology: We studied the variations of fissures, lobes and hilar structures in 65 right and 73 left isolated lungs from the dissection hall, Dept Of Anatomy in RVRS Medical College, Bhilwara.
Result: Horizontal fissure was absent in 3.07% and incomplete in 35.38% of right lungs. 4.61% of right lungs had 3 fissures and 4 lobes. 3.07% of right lungs had 3 arteries, 67.69% had 2 arteries, and 29.23% had only one artery in the hilum. 63.07% of right lungs had two veins in the hilum; 32.30% had 3 veins in the hilum; and 4.61% had more than 3 veins in the hilum. 98.46% of right lungs showed 2 bronchi in the hilum, and 1.53% of them showed 3 bronchi in the hilum. Two of the right lungs (3.07%) had an artery passing across the oblique fissure. 15.06% of left lungs showed incomplete oblique fissure and 2.73% showed 2 fissures and 3 lobes. 5.47% of left lungs showed 2 arteries and 94.52% had only one artery in the hilum. 80.82% of left lungs had two veins in the hilum and 19.17% had 3 veins in the hilum. 21.91% of left lungs had 2 bronchi and 78.08% had only one bronchus in the hilum.