Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Autopsy

Study of Age Estimation from Sternum: An Institutional Based Analysis

Nandini Pegu, Netramoni Kakati

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 5, Pages 620-624

Introduction: Age estimation is one of the major parameters in the estimation of skeletal remains in forensic anthropology caseworkseries.The present investigation is an attempt to study the fusion of manubrium and xiphoid process with mesosternum in 70 sterna (49 males and 21 females) of known age obtained during autopsy.The current study has been conducted to estimate the age of an individuals based on the fusion and non-fusion of the sternum.
Materials and Methods: After obtaining prior permission from the institutional ethical committee, the study sample included those in the age range between 10 – 80 years that might include both the gender. This study included 70 sternums from the cadavers that include 49 males and 21 females.
Results: Age group of 21 – 30 reported to have greater study samples followed by 0 – 20 and 31 – 40. Greater number of fusions is seemed to be reported in Group – II (21 – 30 years).
Conclusion: To conclude, as the age progresses, the proportion of male and female cases, showing fusion at mesosternoxiphisternal and manubrio-mesosternal junctions increases. Manubrio-mesosternal junction was seemed to be very variable with regard to its fusion status as the joint remained unfused even in some of the elderly ages. Fusion is completed at the age of 40 years in male and 45 years in female