Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : inguinal hernia surgery

Efficacy of pregabalin as premedication for postoperative analgesia in inguinal hernia surgery

Dr. Navveen PM, Dr. SK Srinivasan, Dr. Sittaramane S

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 3481-3487

Aim: This study is aimed to determine the efficacy of preoperative administration of oral pregabalin 150mg against the administration of a placebo for postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing Inguinal Hernia Surgery under Spinal anesthesia.
Methodology: A Prospective Randomized Double Blinded Control Study was conducted among 60 patients posted for elective Inguinal hernia surgery and were divided into equal groups. Group C received placebo and Group P received Tab. Pregabalin 150mg which was administered 30 min before surgery. Visual Analogue Score was used to determine the pain at rest during postoperative period. The time of requirement of rescue analgesia during postoperative period was also assessed.
Result: VAS at rest was significantly reduced in Group P (p<0.05). Duration of analgesia was significantly prolonged in Group P when compared to Group C (p<0.05). Time of first rescue analgesic was administered in Group Panda in Group C was noted and the mean was found to be more in the pregabalin group than in the control group (p<0.05). Rescue analgesic consumption in 24hours during postoperative period was significantly decreased in Group P (p<0.05).
Conclusion: We observed that the postoperative analgesia was definitely of a longer duration with the Group Pwhen compared to Group C and decreased requirement of parenteral analgesics in Group P. It is concluded that Tab. Pregabalin 150mg has significant postoperative analgesia when compared to placebo