Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Analgesic

In-vivo analgesic and anti-inflammatory evaluation of synthesised novel new chromane and its analogues

Sonia Kamboj, Jasmine Chaudhary, Akash Jain, Randhir Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 2924-2934

The current research protocol was carried to evaluate biological activity of synthesised new chromane and itsanalogues. New chromane {3,5,7-trihydroxy2-(4-hydroxy benzyl) chroman-4-one} isolated from dried leaves of Dillenia indica Linn, family Dilleniaceae is structurally relating with various reported chroman-4-one derivatives displaying remarkable in-vivo analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.But the literature reveals that 0.8 – 1.0% yield of pure new chromane was obtained in isolation. Followingreported literature data of synthesis and in-silico study (COX2 binding);synthesized new chromane and its derivatives (SI-SX) were investigated for in-vivoanalgesic and anti-inflammatory examination analgesic study (Tail immersion and hot plate method) also displayed the significant analgesic potential of new chromane and its O-alkyl substituents (especially SI) while other synthesized compounds (SV-SX) reported for moderate to mild effects w.r.t. reference drug.Moreover, synthetic new chromane and O-alkyl substituent (SI) exhibited maximum anti-inflammatory activity also in terms of increment of paw volume and percentage inhibition of paw edema while others (SV-SX) showed mild anti-inflammatory action in comparison to referencedrug.

Effect of Citrullus colocynthis extract on reduction in pain and inflamation

Anil Kamboj, Vipin Saini

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 6128-6133

The use of medicinal plants in treatment has been very common nowdays. Colocynth, Scientifically kwon as Citrullus colocynthis is used to reduce pain and inflammation in traditional medicine. C. colocynthis are already reported as rich source of different phytochemical constituents and responsible for many pharmacological applications. The aim of present study is to evaluate the effects of acetone extract of Colocynth fruit (AECC) on pain and inflammatory mediators at doses of 100 mg/kg, 200mg/kg, 400mg/kg by using tail flick and formaline induced pain methods. Our observations indicated that C. colocynthis fruit acetone extract can reduce pain and inflammation and we can use this plant as analgesic and anti inflammatory agent in the future.